White paper
Project Summary
The cryptocurrency market today is the lab of amazing blockchain technology. A technology that can change the world as dramatically as the Internet has done since its inception. Already today, we see that the blockchain technology creates systems with interesting solutions for storing data registers and conducting various sequential operations within information networks. Moreover, the decentralization of data storage in conjunction with the blockchain technology significantly increases the level of data security, and the decentralization of management can save various areas from unnecessary intermediaries or monopolies that inhibit the overall harmonious development in various areas. The openness and availability of such information systems increases the level of confidence of its participants, and the introduction of smart contracts addresses the issue of bureaucracy and approaches with double standards in interpreting the rules. The use of all of the above with the additional possibility of using these blockchain networks as a means of payment provides truly great opportunities and can completely change the entire global financial and economic system! Even today, when hundreds and thousands of projects are working on technology, many messages come up every day about new areas of real use of the blockchain technology or about its technological improvement.

In addition, of course, such technology potential is a very interesting investment option. Back in 2009, for 1 dollar, it was possible to purchase more than 1,000 Bitcoins, and today its value is several million times more! Alternatives are not far behind the main cryptocurrency: 10 crypto-projects on the top of the profitability for 2017 paid off on average by 136,000%, which is an extremely high indicator of profit for investment! Moreover, the further investment potential of the cryptocurrency sphere is still super-interesting, since the technology itself is still in its infancy, and full global adoption with deep penetration into the global economy has yet to occur. Therefore, investor interest in this market is huge.

However, at the same time, the crypto industry is experiencing significant economic problems. The immaturity of technology makes it impossible today to use them in the real economy, which means the money coming into the crypto industry is the money of sponsors, various donations, and investor contributions. Thus, the financing of the cryptosphere is unstable, prone to moods, emotions, and the general information background: deep upsurges occur during abrupt ups. Often, investors have to buy ideas and trade ideas to replace a real product with real value! Moreover, the profits of some investors are formed from the fact that they are transferred to the funds of others, since the revenues from the use of technology do not come into the economy of cryptocurrency. The availability of markets leads them to low-skilled investors, which often lose money and create a negative investment background for the entire crypto industry. Decentralization implies the absence of central government and regulatory bodies, which means there are many dubious projects or outright frauds. The lack of professionalism of project teams or their economic illiteracy leads to the fact that a huge part of investors does not even pay back their investments and their funds eventually go to support teams, as well as pay for various HYPES within the crypto industry. All this leads to the fact that a huge proportion of incoming investment flows away from crypto economics and does not work for the general development of technologies and services. Moreover, given that the economy of individual crypto projects is very dependent on the general state of the cryptosphere.

Nevertheless, despite the existence of economic (and other) problems of the crypto industry, each new surge in prices is higher than previous highs, and each new decline is higher than previous historical lows. This suggests that the overall market is developing and the increase in the value of technologies and services is behind the increase in its value and volatility! Therefore, we are convinced that the next 10-20 years will be the global deployment of crypto-technology and rapid growth of economic value.

REOSC Ecosystem is a commercial-investment ecosystem on blockchain technologies with its own cryptocurrency REOSC. The main objective of the project is to generate commercial profits and increase the capitalization of the ecosystem with the distribution of part of all income among REOSC coin owners, whom we consider as investors!

Our mission is to help solve the economic problems of the cryptocurrency market! In the REOSC Ecosystem, we took into account all the problems of crypto economics today, which we identified in the course of a detailed analysis, and found truly revolutionary solutions for our ecosystem. We are sure that our innovative ideas will show a decent practical result and will become a benchmark for the rest of the crypto projects!

We have three factors that determine the successful development of the project and help us fulfill our mission:

- we have developed a unique financial and economic plan for the stages of project development. It clearly defines the marginal emission and the stages of its regular reduction. At the end of the release of new coins in 2024, the project plans to switch to self-sufficiency. Our financial plan has been created in such a way that, at all stages of development, it additionally contains several accompanying factors of growth in the value of the coin. Thus, it will be interesting and beneficial for a potential investor to enter our project at any stage of its development and at any time. All decisions made are thought out in conjunction with other related decisions. The mathematics of planned actions is in such a way that it does not create an excessive rush of buyers or the accumulation and release of sellers on the market in any temporary area.

- Our unique main idea of the project builds it into the general economic model of the cryptosphere in such a way that we are not dependent on today's problems of crypto economics! Real assets, including those outside the cryptosphere, so we will not depend much on the investment background of the cryptocurrency market and its cyclical prolonged drops, will provide the growth of our capitalization. Unlike the overwhelming majority of other crypto projects, the REOSC Ecosystem will have revenues earned outside the cryptosphere, which will ensure a growth in the cost of project capitalization even in the face of a protracted cryptocurrency market crisis!

- We have developed for our project a progressive economic model within the framework of the overall world economy! In this model, part of the total generated income is redirected back to the simplest participants in the economic system. In our case, they are investors - holders of coins REOSC. In this way, we loop the growth system of the project's economy and ensure its long-term development!

This is why we implement our ideas in the field of blockchain cryptocurrency technology:

1. We are crypto-enthusiasts, and would like to take an active part in the technological and economic development of the cryptosphere. We can accomplish this through the creation of a successful and harmonious model of our ecosystem and its popularization.

2. Cryptocurrencies on the blockchain is an advanced technology that unites and attracts people from all over the world! We would like to unite as many people as possible through the success of our project.

3. We believe that the blockchain technology as applied to cryptocurrencies is an ideal tool today for mass investment participation, while keeping a register of investors and their operations, as well as the possibility of all sorts of calculations and payments having a monetary value.

4. It is convenient, safe, and modern and has a sufficient degree of freedom and anonymity for the participants.
Table of contents
1. The history of the creation of REOSC Ecosystem.

The decision to create a REOSC Ecosystem was made at a time when the EOSC developer abandoned his project, thereby devaluing the months-long work of hundreds and thousands of miners. Then the active part of the crypto community decided to restore the network and breathe new life into the project, transforming it into its capabilities and advantages.

We made a fork of the ether and transferred all the balances of EOSC miners to it via Airdrop charges to a new network. We called the new network REOSC Ecosystem with the coin REOSC. Thus, we did not inherit the blockchain of the former developer. In addition, Airdrop was not transferred to the EOS holders from the EOSC network to the new network. With this, we emphasized that the new project is not a receiver of the goals, objectives and spirit of the previous EOSC developers, but is a completely independent project with its goals and objectives. Although in the title of the project, with its revival, we left some associative hints.
EOSC miner balances were transferred to the new REOSC Ecosystem network as follows. EOSC developer changed the reward for the block several times and it was first 420 coins, then 42 coins. Then everything was increased 10 times and we received 4200 and 420 coins per block in two stages! In addition, at the last stage of the project, an award of 300 coins per block was established. In order to put all the miners in equal conditions, we left a reward for a block of 300 coins in the new network and leveled the entire mining history under it! Thus, the miner deposits that received the award for the block of 4200 coins were reduced 14 times. Deposits receiving an award for a block of 420 coins were reduced 1.4 times. Deposits of the last stage of mining with a reward for a block of 300 coins remained unchanged!

Our advantage is that we have always been part of the crypto community and, like you, participated in many projects, observing and analyzing them from the "other" side: as miners or investors. We remain a crypto-community and now, by organizing and leading this project, we are creating a unique system that will maximize the potential of the community members. We are completely open and do not hide our names and personalities in front of the community. We are crypto-enthusiasts who are passionate about crypto-ideas and believe in their great future in a booming world. We remember that the professionals built the Titanic, and the amateur built the Ark!

Our capabilities have great potential! Our team is perfectly balanced, which allows us too quickly and at a high level to cope both with the tasks of programming and create an excellent harmonious economic system within the project. We are well oriented and familiar with the modern macroeconomic system and with the economies of individual farms. We are well versed in tax and legal systems. We have a great many years of experience building successful projects in the real economic world. We would like to connect all our knowledge and experience with such an advanced area as the blockchain industry, in order not only to be observers, but also accomplices and actors. In addition, through the success of our project to give many people the opportunity to participate!
2. Technical data network.

The REOSC Ecosystem network is a fork of Ethereum that uses the Parity client. Hash algorithm - Ethash (Dagger Hashimoto), which is 100% compatible with Ethereum Virtual Machine. The time to create a new block is 15 seconds. Miner reward is - 300 coins from the block. An additional 150 coins go to payouts for master shops and 30 coins to the team's fund. Total we have 480 coins from each block. The final issue of coins, we plan to 3.5 billion REOSC. Most of which to be reached in 2024, when the issue of new coins will practically cease and only technical emissions will remain to maintain the network until 2040.

In 2019, we planned 4 cuts to miners at the end of each quarter. The reward will be reduced from 300 to 200, to 150, to 120, and finally 100 coins, respectively. Starting from 2020, we will annually begin to reduce the number of new coins by 30% with the latest reduction in 2024 immediately by 90%. After that, there will be only a small technical issue to maintain the network, which by 2040 will make a full issue of coins in 3.5 billion REOSC.

At the time of launching the REOSC network, there was a pre-mine, since we kept all the miner balances that they mined in the EOSC network. EOSC carried out several forks with zeroing the counter of network blocks and, in aggregate, the miner balances transferred to the REOSC Ecosystem network per 900,000 units. Additionally, during the fork, we created the initial fund of the 5,000,000 REOSC team. Therefore, on the 1st block of the network there were already in circulation 275,000,000 coins.

Our investment purpose of the coin does not imply large technical requirements for the network, its capabilities, and development. Nevertheless, we are following the general development of blockchain technology in relation to cryptocurrencies, in order to use the interesting experience of other projects, including Ethereum.
3. Financial and economic model.
--3.1. The main idea of the project and External economy.

When we analyzed the state of the crypto industry today and its problems, it became clear to us that for the success of the project we could move in three ways: creating technologies, creating services and creating an economy. Of course, these areas are conditional and closely intertwined. Thus, the creation of technologies provides more opportunities to offer interesting, useful, and multifunctional services, which together create the economy of projects. A successful economic model provides more resources for the creation and promotion (introduction) of technologies and services, and it necessarily uses in itself their achievements.

The vast majority of crypto projects follow the path of technologies and services as the main project idea. However, we believe that the technology itself is poorly developed for large-scale use and it will take years before it declares itself in full growth. In turn, with the imperfection of crypto technologies, various services based on it have low competitiveness and therefore their economic success is often questionable. It takes a lot of time, labor, and investment to unlock the full potential of the crypto industry. In addition, we decided that we could not risk the means of our investors and try their patience by doing the same things that the other thousands of projects are doing.

Therefore, in the REOSC Ecosystem we decided to go the third way, making the creation of a financial and economic model the main idea of the project. Projects following this path use such a strong side of the crypto industry as a crowd-funding platform, raising funds for commercial projects. By the way, such companies are already on the market and there are plenty of them. However, they all have several significant drawbacks. Either their commercial activity lies in the plane of the crypto industry (mining, crypto investment, etc.) and it repeats the cycles of protracted fall of the cryptocurrency market. Either the economy of such projects lies beyond the sphere of cryptocurrency, but its development is weak or not at all connected with the development of the project crypto-coin market! Thus, investors are the owners of crypto active assets, the market for which is developing by it.

REOSC Ecosystem chooses not only the third economic way of project development, in order to start developing today and in any conditions, generating profits and increasing the capitalization of its ecosystem regardless of the results of the development of crypto technologies. Nevertheless, our ecosystem also takes into account the shortcomings of other projects that follow this path!

First, we do not dwell on any particular business project, since we have the opportunity to choose the most promising and profitable ones by the nature of our activities. This well diversifies our investments!
Secondly, even though we are considering business areas in the field of crypto industry, all the same, the fiat economy investments will be primary. We will do this in order to break the negative dependence of the financial and economic growth of the REOSC Ecosystem on the cyclical upheavals of the cryptosphere economy!

Thirdly, we have thought out a clear financial mechanism that will link the growth and development of the commercial areas of the project with the growth in the value of the REOSC coin. This, of course, will affect the growth of income of our investors - REOSC coin holders! The essence of this mechanism is that the REOSC Ecosystem, when making investments in any commercial areas, will become a co-founder (co-owner) of these areas as an investor. In our experience of creating commercial enterprises, this share will be equal to 50% ownership. The remaining 50% will belong to teams engaged in the direct operational activities of specific projects. Therefore, with generated profits from investment projects, a part of it belonging to the REOSC Ecosystem will be a source of payments to the holders of the REOSC coin. Such planned payments are by us on the last day of each quarter starting 2019, reflected in the roadmap of the project. Thus, we create an analogue of a joint stock company on the blockchain, where the ownership of coins will be equivalent to the ownership of shares of a company!

Another form of investment participation REOSC Ecosystem in various commercial projects will be investing in existing projects. For such projects, our investments will be as financing additional commercial areas that they are not able to master on their own. The 50% of net profit based on investment financing results will also belong to the REOSC Ecosystem with subsequent distribution to investors.

We plan to distribute profits to investors through the blockchain network of our ecosystem. In this case, we will use the ether cryptocurrency, since the addresses of our wallets are essential and the holders of the REOSC coins will be able to unlock the same wallets in the ether network with their keys. Moreover, the ether has more liquidity and we can easily convert any amount into it without causing any movements of the ether market.

In part, we are also considering the possibility of profit distribution in REOSC coins. The redemption of coins will positively affect the growth of the market value, while we assume that some of the investors will want to increase their ownership shares of REOSC and not only will not sell the received bonuses, but will also direct the distribution on the air to purchase more. This is a very important factor of our economy, which practically loops around the movement of cash flows within the ecosystem and ensures a constant growth of the market!

Part of the profit from REOSC Ecosystem from commercial areas will be converted to REOSC coins for the project in order to preserve their ownership in the growing capitalization of the ecosystem. After all, to make investments, we will need to sell our package of ownership of coins in the project, the number of which after 2023 will be practically limited.

---3.2. Domestic Economy REOSC Ecosystem.

In the previous section, we showed how the economy of our project was built into the overall economics of the cryptosphere and beyond. We told what shortcomings existing projects have. What unique solutions overcome these problems in the REOSC Ecosystem? In this section, we take a closer look at the internal economics of the project and its aspects.

We consider our approach to this issue and the development of the internal model of the project's economy as unique and progressive for the entire cryptoindustry! We view our REOSC coin market as a mathematical model, rather than a chaotic, self-regulating system. We believe that the model of the joining of buyers and sellers forms the value of our cryptoactive and capitalization of the entire ecosystem. Of course, we cannot and should not completely control the market, but building a long-term financial and economic development plan, we distribute over time and connect all the individual solutions into a single network so that they would contribute to steady growth of the REOSC coin for all the time of its existence. This is an ignored aspect by many projects, including necessary and technological ones: they completely forget about the economy of their market, giving it to elemental forces and not calculating its mathematics.

First, we not only have determined our final issue of coins in circulation, but also indicated specific short terms for stopping the issue. Most projects cannot afford it, because there is a constant release of new coins, which investors redeem, as a source of their income (or significant pre-main).

Secondly, we offer investors bonuses to their deposits throughout the whole period of the emission, by redirecting a part of the issue of new coins to these savings incentive programs. This creates a shortage of sell orders in the market.

Also contributing to the reduction of sell orders is by quarterly miner reward reductions in 2019 (reduced to 1/3 in fourth quarter!). The subsequent 4-year annual reduction in the rate of emission also reduces the inflationary pressure on the value of the REOSC coin evenly.

With the simultaneous fall in the yield of instruments to stimulate investors to accumulate through emissions, quantitative payments from investment returns will increase. By the time of the complete cessation of the issue, they will only gain their strength and, given their annual growth with simultaneous stabilization of the number of coins, the amount of payments per 1 REOSC coin will grow every year. That will not only maintain the high investment attractiveness of the project after a 5-year cycle, but such attractiveness will grow every year!

------3.2.1. Issue coins and plan to reduce it.

It is no secret that the vast majority of crypto projects exist due to the issue of their coins or tokens. This can be accomplished one time, or go regularly through mining. Moreover, the ill-conceived policy of issuing new coins into circulation may have a negative impact on the growth of the rate of the coin, exerting inflationary pressure. On the other hand, since crypto technologies are still immature for full-fledged use in the global economy, projects issue their assets for an indefinite long time in order to pay their maintenance costs. Often, directly or hidden, behind bright ideas or developments, but the realization of the produced assets is the only true goal of many, many projects. It destroys the economy of the entire cryptoindustry, and therefore, inhibits its development.

In the REOSC Ecosystem, we have not only determined the maximum number of coins in circulation (3.5 billion), but also are going to reach it in the shortest possible time – of 5 years
by the year 2024. By this time, we plan that our investment projects will work in full force and the project will be able to switch to self-sufficiency. The new issuing of coins will be virtually completely terminated, and the investments made earlier will continue to generate profit.

We intend to stop the issuance of coins for the team fund, the masternode fund, and other instruments for stimulating savings, as well as the filling of the investment fund. In 2024, we will leave only technical emission to miners to maintain the network within 3 coins per block. The annual issue will be 6 million coins per year (0.6% of the 2019 issue). Therefore, in fact, we will stop the active phase of emission in 2024 at the level of 3.404 billion REOSC coins, and we will reach 3.5 billion only by 2050. By that time, we are counting on a fundamental change in technology and we will of course introduce them into our blockchain system.

In 2019, we will release a little more than 1 billion coins, having received the total amount at the end of the year 1,431 billion coins REOSC. From 2020, we will start the annual 30% reduction in the rate of release of new coins in 2020 and will do this for four years in a row. In 2024, we will make a sharp reduction in emissions (more than 90%), leaving only technical emissions to maintain the network with miners. thus; we will regularly reduce inflationary inflation on the value of the coin market, which will provide additional support for the growth of its value!
------3.2.2. Stimulation of savings through emissions.

By design investor, stimulation instruments are to motivate people who buy REOSC coins to keep funds in their accounts. Thus, we create an additional investment incentive for purchases by encouraging coin holders with additional rewards. At the same time, we are creating a sales deficit. These two factors help the coin systematically increase its value!

The source of such incentive payments for coin holders is the issuance of new coins into circulation, which, as you remember, will last 5 years. This means that the incentive programs will also operate throughout the 5 years. Their size to be reduced in proportion to the reduction in the rate of the entire emission.
At the initial stage of the project, a tool of encouragement is the installation of masternodes. We made a fixed percentage of payments for masternodes at the rate of 120% per annum during 2018 and 2019. This is in order to make the income of our initial investors stable. However, in order to fulfill these conditions, the number of masternodes is limited.

We have two proposals for masternodes: 250,000 REOSCs and 2,500,000 REOSCs. At the same time, the total number of registered masternodes is limited to the amount of 262,750,000 coins.

We are planning to complete the masternode limit during the first half of 2019.By this date, We will have other reward programs for holders with different conditions in order to further stimulate purchases and create a shortage of coins for sale throughout the 5-year issue!

Our final calculations show that an investor who entered the project in the first few months of its existence, using all our investor incentive programs for 5 years, by re-investing the payments received, will be able to increase its initial deposit in REOSC coins by about 10 times! In addition, all this thanks to our competent financial and economic policy for the development of the project.
------3.2.3. Miner reward reduction.

Another additional stimulus for the growth of the value of the coin is the quarterly reduction in the miner reward in 2019. Now its size is 300 coins from the block. We will make 4 reductions in 2019 starting January 28th, then every 500,000 blocks - about once per quarter. The size of these reductions is as follows: 200, 150, 120, and 100 coins at block 2,000,000.

By reducing, we solve a number of important strategic objectives. Firstly, we create an additional supply shortage in the market, reducing the volume of potential sales after the first decline by 1.5 times! In numerical terms, this amounts to 576,000 coins per day or 17.28 million coins per month. At the same time, there will be a 3-fold decrease for the year! All this again creates an additional deficit of sales and stimulates the growth of the course throughout the 5-year project development cycle, since starting from 2020, the reward to miners will continue to decline in proportion to the overall decline in emission rates.

Secondly, the regular reduction of rewards to miners will constantly transfer the coin into the category of another level of its value. After all, the block generation time will be constant, and the number of coins allocated for mining will constantly decrease. Accordingly, at each level of reduction, the cost of each mined coin will increase. In addition, the increase in cost will evolve to an ever-higher level of target sales. That is why the price of ether-like coins at the initial stage of appearance varies, largely depending on the number of coins mined from the block and the time the block is located. Ultimately, when we come to the technical issue in 2024, the number of mined coins from the block will be 3 coins.

Thirdly, we will redirect the miners' freed coins to the Investment Fund. It will fund additional tools for the promotion of coin accumulation. Moreover, additional funds will finance possible large listings and other large marketing expenses. In addition, most importantly, the Investment Fund will allow in the future financing the main idea of the project! By redirecting the part of the miner reward to it, we will wait for a significant increase in the value of the coin and the development of the market volume in order to invest in commercial areas.
------3.2.4. Investment fund.

The main objective of the investment fund is to generate capital for future investments in commercial areas. The filling of the fund takes place from the moment the masternode starts up until the limit on their placement limit is complete. However, the main source of its content will be the reduction of the miner's reward in 2019: the overall emission rates will begin to decline from 2020, while in 2019 we redirect the reduced miners reward into the investment fund. Nevertheless, a decrease in the reward will greatly affect the growth of the coin deficit, since in the early stages of the project's development; the foundation will be the main holder of the REOSC coin.

In addition, the fund has other tasks that it will perform. This funding is additional to the masternode programs to stimulate investors, who will go all 5 years of existence of the issue. Funding large listings from the fund, as the need and opportunity arise. Additionally, large marketing expenses may also fall on the shoulders of the Investment Fund.
Another function of the fund is to protect the market from manipulation, price pumps, etc. For this, part of the fund's assets will be placed on the stock exchange in order to smooth the price during unreasonable artificial growth, and during subsequent dumps set price support costs. This protective mechanism will lead to the loss of funds of manipulators in favor of the assets of the project!

When implementing an investment fund, we will adhere to the following points. First, we will begin its implementation no earlier than the market reaches significant values (100 satoshi per coin or higher). Secondly, we will not focus only on reaching the price level - we will be watching the general development of the market, trading volume and other indicators, so as not to affect the positive dynamics of growth in the value of the coin. That is, we will take into account the maturity of the market so that the implementation of the fund is of minor importance for its development dynamics. Thirdly, the sales volume of the fund will also correspond to the volume of general purchases of the coin. We will regulate this moment, increasing the fund's sales at the time of sharp market surges and high demand and reducing the sales volume to a full temporary halt during the decline in purchases.

Periodically (quarterly or annually), we will publish data on the capitalization of the investment fund of the project. The total capitalization of the fund will consist of its cryptocurrency and fiat assets. Cryptocurrency assets will consist of direct ownership of cryptocurrencies and own shares of possible commercial projects in the cryosphere. Fiat assets will include ownership of fiat currencies and holdings in successful business projects of the entrepreneurial movement that have been invested by the investment fund of the project.

The indicator of the total capitalization of the investment fund of the project will be necessary, because, firstly, it is the direct support of the value of REOSC cryptocurrency (REOSC's ownership share is part of the fund). And secondly, in terms of capitalization, you can analyze the dynamics of the project. Indeed, having reached the maximum issue volume, the number of REOSC coins will cease to grow, and the profit from investments in young projects of the business incubator of the entrepreneurial movement will continue to increase the value of the real assets of the project!

By the end of 2019, we plan to have accumulated about 100 million REOSCs in the investment fund of the project, taking into account all the reductions in the miners' awards. Which, as mentioned above, will be reasonably implemented in the future as the project unfolds and the market reaches acceptable price and volume levels.

---3.3. Financial plan REOSC Ecosystem for 5 years.

Our economic development model gives us reason to believe that the minimum price level of our coin in relation to Bitcoin in 5 years will be 300 satoshi for 1 REOSC coin. This is an increase in the price that is relevant at the time of writing this document (30 x 10 satoshi at the time of writing)! By 2024, we plan to enter the top 90 capitalization cryptocurrency projects with an indicator of 40 million dollars. The calculations are made of the conditions of the stagnation of the cryptocurrency market for 5 years and the current Bitcoin price of 4,000 dollars for 1 coin.

We plan to show the most active growth in the first 2 years of the project, when there will be the highest percentages of payments on incentive programs for REOSC coin holders. Moreover, it is precisely at this time that such potential growth in purchases as the increase in project awareness will be most actively revealed. We plan to reach a price level of 70 satoshi by the beginning of 2020 and a level of 140 satoshi by the beginning of 2021. By that time, the driver of the growth of recognition will subside, but at the same time, the factor of growth of trust will be actualized. In addition, along with the general decline in the release of new coins, the program of encouraging investors will decline, but it will still work. It is at this time that the first investments in commercial areas and the first results from their distribution among investors will be made. Therefore, by 2022 we will reach a price level of 200 satoshi, by 2023 - 250 and by 2024 - 300 satoshi for the REOSC coin in relation to Bitcoin. By the end of the 5-year development cycle in 2024, the issue will practically stop. The project will go completely to self-sufficiency and financial self-sufficiency, and the results of investments and bonus payments will only begin to gain momentum: a new era of project development will begin, in which, along with financial prosperity, a more complete fulfillment of its mission will begin!

Our program of encouraging investors, where we offer to increase our savings 10 times in 5 years by re-investing paid awards, together with the plan to achieve a price level of 300 satoshi (30 times) suggest a multiplier for the growth of two indicators 30 * 10 = 300 times. That is how much we plan to increase the size of our investors in 5 years! We assume that the cost of Bitcoin, as the main currency, will also grow over this time, so our final investor multiplier will also increase. However, even if cryptocurrency technology cannot significantly improve during this time and penetrate into the world economy through use, our calculated profit multiplier will fully cover our expectations for our investors!

For a systematic progressive development of value, our project will use a strategy of gradual information deployment to maintain a stable growth dynamics. We believe that this is much more effective than one-time aggressive marketing, when the growth resource on recognition is used almost immediately to its full potential.

We are planning to grow gradually, with price stages, where previously entered investors will be able to enter new price levels at will and new ones with a new entrance cost price will replace them. Thus, reaching ever higher price levels of our market, we will not create the danger of a deep descent from them, since there will be no investors who would be interested to sell below past price levels reached, which for many of them is the entry point to the project.

We consider our appearance on the cryptocurrency market precisely at this time as a great competitive advantage, since we are at the very beginning of the cost growth path, while existing projects struggle to retain their previously achieved price levels and have significant growth problems. In addition, our investment potential also lies outside the scope of cryptocurrency and we will definitely use it in the development of our project.
4. Conclusion.

As you can see, we have created an up-to-date and progressive growth system for today in our cryptocurrency project REOSC Ecosystem! We have thought over our economic plan in such a way as to grow even in the conditions of many years of stagnation in the cryptographic market, and we believe that this is our great investment advantage!

Our internal growth economy created in such a way that in the early stages of the project (5 years) we intelligently and evenly distributed many factors stimulating a steady increase in prices. These are reductions in the reward paid to miners in 2019, and from 2020 a smooth reduction in all emissions, which will create a growing shortage of coins. At the same time, encouraging investors in the form of various accrual programs on their accounts during emission (5 years), increasing awareness and trust of the project will increase the demand for REOSC coins.

During this period of project formation, we will make investments in the real sector of the economy, which will not only ensure the growing capitalization of the project with real assets, but also be a driver of our economic growth in the next periods of development!

In spite of the fact that our project is an investor and its primary task is to ensure profit for investors and increase total capitalization. However, we also developed such models that solve the economic problems of the entire cryptoindustry! Indeed, in the future, our commercial assets, which will generate income for our ecosystem and its investors, will in essence be a source of additional finance for the cryptocurrency sphere.

We have created a progressive economic model and consider the moment of profit distribution to the participants of the economic system as a prerequisite for the progressive development of any ecosystem! In addition, we are glad that it is precisely the blockchain technology that gives us the opportunity to create such a model in the modern world!