Ordinary wallets - desktop or web-versions - do not keep your funds: all deposits are stored in the blockchain's network of a concrete coin, and wallets are only an interface for user interaction with the network and managing their balances.

We note that all ether-like coins may have one universal wallet address. Therefore, if you already have an ether address or some of its fork, then you can use them for REOSC cryptocurrency. To do this, you will need to use your keys and passwords in the REOSC Ecosystem web wallet. In addition, you can create a new wallet address with new keys and passwords, which will also be universal for unlocking all etheric-like coins in any network.

At the same time, our wallet works in the same way as the well-known MEW web wallet, so you will not have any difficulty creating your new wallets, authorizing and managing your deposits. If you already have created REOSC wallets in the MEW web wallet, then simply use the available keys and passwords in our web wallet.
REOSC Ecosystem has passed an integration with MEW and MyCrypto, so to unlock the wallets on these services, you need to select the REOSC network in the list of networks and log in using universal keys and passwords. All wallets have the opportunity to work with hardware wallets Ledger and Trezor.
If you are the former owner of the EOSC deposit, then you also need to use the keys and passwords received there during registering the wallet to unlock your universal address of the Ethereum networks in the REOSC web wallet. If it was a desktop wallet, then you need to find the UTC-file and remember the password in order to get access to the REOSC balance. Owners of hardware wallets need to wait for 1Q2019, when the REOSC Ecosystem network will be integrated with them.

For those who kept EOSC coins on hardware wallets! As soon as EOSC switched to REOSC, the network number was changed, and for this reason, the coins holders on Trezor & Ledger wallets cannot see exactly the list of addresses that was in the EOSC network. Therefore, in this string, you insert the EOSC network coordinates: m / 44 '/ 2018' / 0 '/ 0 and transfer your funds to the REOSC network: