We are changing the way news is published

Dear friends! 

We have prepared a new convenient functionality on the site according to the method of quickly generating news. Therefore, now all the news will be published on the site, and not in the Telegram channel, as it was before. And already from the pages of the site in other news channels we will link to the formed news. This will allow us to make the news more colorful, expanded and efficiently using photo and video materials, which was previously impossible or difficult. It will also allow us to publish news relevant to the crypto industry on our own blog site, rather than mention them with links to resources. Thus, it will help to attract additional traffic to the site through search engines. The original story of the news feed before this block will be in the telegram channel of our project. From now on, we remove the block from the site for duplicating news from telegrams to the site. Also, a bit later, as our blog is filled with news, it will contain separate sections on the immediate news of the project, on the news of the crypto industry and a section of copyright articles.