Changes in terms of deposits and masternodes from 1 January 2020!

Dear REOSC cryptocurrency holders! 

From 1 January 2020, changes to the conditions on deposits and masternodes come into force. This will happen on a 2,584,000 block. From this date, the reward for placing funds in masternodes will be 5% per month. Also, a new network of fees for storing funds in deposits will enter into force: 

As we promised, the old terms of remuneration for placing funds in masternodes were valid for the whole of 2019! And now we would like to narrow the gap between this proposal and the terms of deposits. At the same time, the offer for masternodes remains very good, as it corresponds to the remuneration for deposits under the terms of the maximum amount and term of placement. In this way, we support our early investors, thanks to whom the project began its ascent. 

We are also forced to periodically review the conditions on deposits, since a specific part of the issued new coins has been allocated for their financing. Currently, the total amount of deposits is approaching 600 million coins, so we launch deposits on new terms from 01.01.2020, reducing the percentage of payments. 

We remind you that 2019 and 2020 is the time of maximum issue, when 60-70% of the total coin issue will be produce (3.5 billion by 2024). These are the most favorable periods for the accumulation of ownership interests. 

Read the full terms of the REOSC-invest program and get rewards for storing coins!