Interesting news from the crypto industry last quarter

Our project is designed for the systematic and long-term development of the crypto industry, so we are closely following the news background and today we publish the most significant events. 

In a speech, Chinese leader Xi Jinping declared blockchain “an important breakthrough,” and promised that China would “seize the opportunity 
He detailed the ways the Chinese government would support blockchain research, development, and standardization. The significance shouldn’t be underestimated. Xi is the first major world leader to issue such a strong endorsement of the much-hyped, and much-maligned, distributed ledger technology. His words are already having a major impact. Like the internet, blockchain is a powerful tool that can nurture freedom and competitive innovation, or reinforce concentrations of power. “We need to increase investment and focus on key core technologies, as well as accelerate the development of the blockchain.” The Chinese government also announced the creation of a national cryptocurrency and adopted a law on the regulation of cryptocurrencies. 

German banks allowed to conduct operations with cryptocurrency. 
The country's parliament approved a bill that would allow financial institutions to store and trade digital money. The bill is approved by the country's parliament. The initiative was also supported by the German Banking Association (BbD). Legalization of operations with cryptocurrency will make the sphere more transparent and allow citizens of the country to safely invest in digital money, according to the organization. 

Bitcoin-terminals appeared in the largest network of US shopping centers Bitstop, one of the crypto machines at the Miami airport, has partnered with Simon Malls The company works in full compliance with the requirements of regulators and plans to expand its Bitcoin terminal network to 500 points by the end of next year. 

BRICS countries discussed the possibility of replacing the dollar with cryptocurrency Russia, Brazil, India, China and South Africa plan to issue their own digital money in order to reduce the share of settlements in the American currency. Within the BRICS group, a single payment system using cryptocurrency can be created, said the head of the RDIF and a member of the BRICS business council, Kirill Dmitriev. 

Bakkt will launch a cryptocurrency app to pay for purchases 
The first partner of the project will be the Starbucks coffee shop chain. Visitors will have the opportunity to pay with bitcoin and other digital money. “We will launch a consumer application to uncover the value of digital assets and new ways to transfer and track them. Outlets will gain access to a wider range of customers with increased purchasing power, ”Blandina wrote on her blog. 

Head of Binance: Putin is the most influential person in the blockchain space 
Vladimir Putin is the most influential person in the blockchain space, the head of Binance Changpen Zhao said at the exchange’s meeting on October 21 in Moscow. He believes that the bill on regulating the sphere of digital money can be adopted in the Russian Federation in the foreseeable future. 

Already 18 Million Bitcoin Mined 
Only 3 million coins will remain for miners, the extraction of which will take about 120 years 

Bitcoin was first introduced into the authorized capital of a Russian company 
Bitcoin was contributed to the charter capital of the Russian company Artel LLC, its owner and director Mikhail Uspensky said. According to him, the investor Stanislav Boyko joined the founders, who invested his authorized share in cryptocurrency payments. 

Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (RSPP)asked Putin to speed up adoption of cryptocurrency law 
The Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (RSPP) appealed to Russian President Vladimir Putin with a request to expedite the adoption of laws on cryptocurrencies, Izvestia writes. According to the publication, businessmen want to issue their own tokens in order to reduce their dependence on settlements in traditional currencies. 

For six months, the number of payments in Bitcoin increased by 65% 
User trust in cryptocurrencies continues to increase, according to a study by Chainalysis 

Opera browser for Android started supporting Bitcoin 
Users of the application will be able to pay with digital money directly through the built-in electronic wallet. “We decided to add support for Bitcoin in order to introduce a wider group of users to this feature,” said Charles Hamel, head of Opera's crypto division.