New Year's Lottery Surprise from the

REOSC Ecosystem team
Dear friends, you probably already heard that for the New 2019 year, the REOSC Ecosystem team plays 1 million coins.

So it is, and we will tell you about what can be won and how you can check the honesty of the lottery.

Before you begin, accept our congratulations on the upcoming New Year holidays!
Well, now get valuable information about the prizes:

1 Main Prize - 1,000,000 REOSC

10 New Year Prizes - 10 000 REOSC each.

This is a lottery and, accordingly, you will have to buy a ticket to take part in it. Lottery ticket purchase costs 1000 REOSC. And you can buy any number of tickets.

For each ticket, you need to transfer 1000 reosc to the lottery wallet in one payment. Need to transfer exactly 1000 coins. If you want to buy several tickets, you need to make several transfers. All transfers to any other amount will be ignored by the algorithm and will not participate in the drawing. Your transfer to the wallet means that you have read and agreed to this rule. Be careful!

Sales closed on December 31, 2018 at 23:30 hours REOSC. This is +10 UTC.
Drawing will be very simple. The first block of the REOSC of the New Year (that is, the first block after 0:00 (+ 10UTC)) will give us a hash that will act as counting points for determining the main winner. As you understand, a block hash is a long number that will give us the position (row) of the winner in the table of payments sent. This will be the main winner for 1,000,000 reosc. And New Year prizes will be received by those who will find above and below the line of the main winner, but through one position. That is, if line 38 wins, then the prizes will receive the same lines below - 40, 42, 44, 46, 48 and up - 36, 34, 32, 30, 28.

Wallet number 0x5D0dA0db21F9d9B17Bf44da0B64AcA46fDDd7da1