We have begun incentive programs for investors to encourage them to hold their deposits called REOSC-Invest. Each program has its own terms, conditions and design rules, but they have the same essence: Freezing circulating REOSC and receiving accruals in on the deposits! The issuing of new coins is through block rewards, and built into the block rewards are funding for these programs, so today more than 50% of the new issue of coins supports them during this phase of the REOSC Ecosystem. Since we plan to complete the issuing of new coins in 2024, the REOSC-Invest incentive programs will work until that time!

We now have two REOSC-Invest programs: Deposits and Masternodes. The tender offer has total volume limits, so now, when they are full, you will need to stand in a queue, waiting for the vacancies. The offer for deposits of volume currently has no limit. Also if you wish, you can simultaneously make a deposit and get in line for the masternode. When your placement for masternode comes up, the algorithm will automatically deactivate your deposit.

Terms of deposits:
1. The deposit range and term determines the final rate of return.

2. Monthly interest payments at minimum rate (1 month), valid in each deposit range. The remaining higher interest accumulation paid at final payment of term selected, calculated at the final rate.

3. You can use the funds of the deposit at any time, as they will be stored within your account. In this case, you would lose interest payments for the incomplete current month of storage at the minimum rate, plus all higher rated payments calculated at the final rate!

4. The possibility of replenishment is absent. If there is an amount sufficient to open the next minimum deposit, you can open the next one, but it will restart to the new term conditions.

5. It is possible to open any amount of deposits in one account. You can still use the wallet for transfers and receipts, but the balance of the account should not fall below the amount of the original term deposit or several deposits, otherwise deactivation will occur.

6. Periodically, revising interest on deposits do to an increase in the number of coins in circulation is necessary, although all payments on deposits already concluded will continue under the conditions that are relevant at the time of the conclusion until the end of the term!

To make a deposit, make a transaction to any of your wallets (you can even send a transaction to same wallet!). When transferring in the Data field, write the deposit code as follows - 0x№ without spaces (where №. is the deposit cell number from the table above).

The translation is necessary so that our algorithm will reveal your transaction in the network and, according to the code you specify, produce automatic activation. In the future, it will monitor the continued balance of the deposit in the account and ensure your regular payments.

By default, Monthly payments will arrive in the same wallet as the term transaction, although you can set otherwise.

Example 1:

267,000 REOSC for 6 months from 0xbb412b68572016832A3a6DAD48FF1773c5a4E40b
- the +Advanced: Add Data you insert is: 0x07
You will receive interest Payment to that same wallet.

If you would like to receive the interest payment to a different wallet then you must enter it as below.

Example 2:

Sending 267,000 REOSC from 0xbb412b68572016832A3a6DAD48FF1773c5a4E40b
for a 6 months term then the payment percentage for the term to a different wallet of address 0xD3C8D7954Bb844717dA91BD072437D66B38250f9

Enter the +Advanced: Add Data using the same as above but adding the wallet address for the payments. Extra Data 0x07D3C8D7954Bb844717dA91BD072437D66B38250f9

0x write "0" as the number, "x "- like a small English letter also removing your 0x from your payment wallet.

Please see Photo with a pointer to the +Advanced: Add Data location to insert the deposit code, see below. It may differ on different wallets - but the principle and location are the same. To revile the field box, press the line of the field name with a plus symbol:

Be sure to check the deposit monitor to verify your deposit is activated!

Furthermore, the algorithm will make payments and tracking for the continuous maintained balance of the deposit in the account. As soon as the funds drop below activation amount, the algorithm will automatically terminate the payment of the interest.

You also have the opportunity to use the offer for future queued Masternode

(you need to get in line, sending a hash translation at legift@reosc.io - for MN limit is full at the moment, so we need to wait for the release from current holders)

You can make the exact deposit of 250000. Apply the appropriate deposit code in the Data box. Then send the transaction hash code to @le_gift in telegram for the masternode queue. As space becomes available and you turn occurs, the algorithm will cancel your deposit and register with the master.

Two masternode levels - 250 000 REOSC and 2 500 000 REOSC

Fixed income of 120% per annum.

Daily reward after 24 hours of activation

Masternode number is limited!!!

Instructions for self-installation masternode - here.

Payments made individually for each node at the end of the 24-hour duty: the masternode must work for 24 hours without shutdowns for more than 4 minutes!

You do not know how to operate masternode?

Take advantage of the installation service from REOSC Ecosystem project on hosted masternode - we guarantee a stable connection to the network and daily payment!

To do this, you need to make a transaction to any of your wallets exactly the amount of 250,000 or 2,500,000 and send the transaction hash to the developer's address: legift@reosc.io . Your masternode activates at the time of the transaction. The daily reward will come to the masternode transaction receipt address until the address balance is less than the original activated node. In this case, the wallet functions as usual. The number of masternodes, tied to one wallet is not limited!

Cost of using the service:

- 10% from the reward of the small masternode (108% of annual net payments)
- 5% from the reward of the big masternode (114% of annual net payments)

Additional comments on REOSC Ecosystem masternodes:

REOSC Ecosystem masternodes are a tool for increasing network performance, as well as additional incentives for investors to hold and accumulate their deposits during the period of active coin issuance in the early years of the project. Payments for masternodes are provided by the Investment Fund of the project, which is replenished with the distribution of awards from each block found. Our economic model involves the preservation of payments with a fixed 120% per annum until the end of 2019, before the beginning of the stage of reducing the total issue of coins. From 2020, a reduction in the percentage of payments is possible, but in any case, it will not be less than the percentage of the total issue of all coins in a year!

We deliberately made the interest on payments for keeping the masternode fixed to make this tool stable for the investor and interesting at any stage of entering the project. We believe that the usual practice of holding masternode awards causes an excessive rush at the initial stage of the proposal and a sharp depreciation of the proposal at the next stage. All this has a negative impact on the value of the coin causing price spikes and its further sharp fall, which can have the most negative consequences.

As you read above, we use the daily accrual of reward for holding masternodes. In this case, the base rate of annual interest is taken and divided by the number of days in a year. (0.337% per day at a rate of 120% per year). Thus, 120% per annum is the minimum percentage that can be obtained with annual retention of coins! Using the system of reinvestment and compound interest, you can significantly increase the annual yield! For example, if you install a large master code every month, you will receive a reward equivalent to the amount of a small masternode number, which you can also send to hold and receive additional interest!

The terms of payment for the small and large master notes are the same. However, in the case of using large master codes, you get substantial savings on hosting; also get fewer delays with the number of wallets.

The number of masternodes belonging to one address or owner is unlimited. The total possible cash capacity of masternodes is limited, payments for which are provided by the fund.