Buying the REOSC through the site according
to the rules of the exchanger.
You can make a direct purchase of REOSC coins for Bitcoins (BTC) or Ether (ETH) outside the exchange through the project service. To do this, you need to send a request to the Telegram chat administrator.

This service is made for the investor's convenience, as an additional point of sales of REOSC coins. We sell the team's Fund at the actual exchange rate for current expenses, and all other sales of REOSC coins above the Fund's limits are duplicated by buying on the exchange! Thus, by providing direct sales service, we want to collect additional coin purchases, avoiding withdrawing the team's Fund for sales to the exchange, and as the Fund's limits are implemented, increase the coins purchases by attracting additional investors who do not have accounts on the exchange.

Pricing takes place as follows. At the time of a request organization, you look at the coin value in bitcoins on the exchange for the volume you need. After agreeing a price and volume, you transfer the necessary amount and provide your wallet address for REOSC coins. If you purchased coins for a masternode, you can immediately request a separate transfer with the exact amount for the masternodes on your account.

ATTENTION! If at the time of the transaction in the market there are abrupt price changes or suspicion of manipulation, we reserve the right to suspend the transaction until the moment of stabilization!