The development program REOSC Ecosystem
for March-April 2019.

Dear friends, investors and participants of the REOSC Ecosystem project! Our project is successfully developing and implementing its promotions. We made a fork and reduced the miners' reward to 200 coins from the block, integrated with the hardware wallets of Ledger and Trezor, created an Investment Fund and started saving for future investments in commercial areas, expanded the REOSC-invest program and launched deposits for investors-holders, in which more than 70 million REOSC coins have already been placed! We also worked to consolidate our community and form a motivated team to more dynamically promote our project: by joint efforts, we managed to occupy more than 10 informational crypto resources in just the last few weeks!

Unfortunately, we have temporarily dropped in the dynamics of purchases, due to the fact that the masternode limit was occupied ahead of time and we needed time to form an interesting and balanced offer for deposits, so the value of our coin has undergone a slight correction to the value of Bitcoin. Plus a negative impact on the market had a Bitcoin correction to its lows. Now deposits are becoming more and more popular, project awareness and trust in the team are growing, and demand is gradually recovering. Plus, miners reward reduction reduced potential sales by 17 million. REOSC per month, which provides additional support to the course and we are going to explore new cost highs! In this article, I would like to tell you about the strategy of promoting REOSC Ecosystem for the coming months and upcoming events,

Upcoming events.

1. 3 days from (February 27), the first payments will begin on deposits placed earlier. This moment will certainly have a positive effect on the level of growing trust and interest in the REOSC-Invest program and will contribute to an increase in purchases of the REOSC coin.

2. Only a little more than a month is remaining before the first distribution of a portion of the project's profits will be distributed to our investors! It will occur at the end of Q1 2019 (March 31) and will continue to occur quarterly. The distribution of part of the income is the main idea of the project, which will gain more and more importance later, when the coin market develops significantly and the first investments in commercial crypto and fiat directions have initiated. Those who placed their funds in deposits or masternodes for the period from February 15 to March 31 will participate in the nearest distribution, since the announcement of the rules for charges was made on February 13. The calculation of accruals will take into account the share of ownership and the time factor. Accruals will occur on air or other ether-like coins. The first payment fact is also a very significant event for the promotion of the REOSC Ecosystem!

3. We consider the technical capability and adhere to the plan for burning unclaimed deposits transferred from the EOSC network. We plan to implement this on a block of 1 million (April) and more than 100 million coins will be burned! This will protect the growth of our market for the future and in general will be perceived by investors positively, since the total amount of coins will be reduced by 15-20%. We have already excluded these accounts from the general visibility in our network in order to remove the possibility of third-party sabotage of fake activation. Until incineration, all emerging depositors can safely use their accounts.

4. Also in April, at 1 million block, we have scheduled another decrease in miner rewards to 150 coins per block. Total from the beginning of the year we will reduce the potential sales volume of REOSC coins by 26 million coins per month - exactly 2 times! With a simultaneous increase in demand, this is a significant factor in the growth of the coin value rate.

Promotion strategy for the coming months.

As you know, the advantage of REOSC Ecosystem over other crypto projects is that our ecosystem is a mixed, crypto-fiat ecosystem. On the one hand, we are separately represented in the cryptospace as a blockchain project and carry out our promotion in the cryptoworld according to its rules. On the other hand, today our project in its idea and mission refers to future commercial investments mainly in the fiat economy, the income from which will be distributed among the owners of REOSC coins. Now it's time to provide more information about the fiat part of our ecosystem!

Fiat project structure has existed for several years.. Today, more than 30 people are involved in it and the number of regular participants continues to grow. This is an entrepreneurial movement with the idea of developing a private entrepreneurial initiative. Based on our many years of experience, having formed certain ideas and principles, we want to popularize well-intentioned business activity, which can be not only commercially successful, but also carry a lot of useful functions to society, changing the world for the better. We would also like to share all the beauty of entrepreneurial activities, freeing the concept of "business" from a flat and amateurish understanding of making money.

Practically this project has already formed. A team of people from all over the country has gathered in Vladivostok who are developing new business lines and opening new ones. We also successfully integrate with other like-minded people in Moscow, St. Petersburg and other regions of the Russian Federation. Soon we will begin to integrate into joint commercial projects and with people living in other countries, on the basis of built relationships of trust. In the past, in 2018, we increased by 3 times in profitability compared with 2017. Now we have about 8 business projects and continue to open new ones. An active recruitment of people also began and we came to the point when, on a successful foundation, we were ready to launch the popularization of our movement through lighting on the Internet.

We will create a video blog channel and will cover our ideas and development on it, while also promoting in other social networks. In addition, we will disclose detailed commercial information to confirm our business consistency and success. Further on-line you will be able to observe our development: after all, the REOSC Ecosystem investment will be implemented in the projects originating here. We are planning a significant development and expansion of our business movement in the near future, so additional investments will be very helpful. On the other hand, this is quite harmonious and reasonable, allowing us to share revenues with the maximum number of participants worldwide. Through the blockchain project REOSC Ecosystem, which is in the spirit of the ideas of our project:

We consider all the above mentioned to be the main driver for the promotion of our project in the near future, since it forms its transparency and integrity. Additionally, here we must say that we are going to invite to invest in the fiat part of the project in the future development of our business movement! Thus, in addition to promoting the project only in the cryptoindustry, which is now in an investment crisis, we place great emphasis on attracting a fiat investor who are not familiar with cryptocurrency. We are fairly confident in our commercial success and the viability of our ideas for such a step. Moreover, we prefer this form of obtaining investments, instead of bank loans, when interest on them feeds the centralization of the financial and economic system.

Another way to promote the project will be placement on all our information resources on various topics on the Internet (including personal ones) about donation, with the possibility of obtaining REOSC coins in exchange for the amount of assistance provided. Informational links for the projects will also be provided and simple instructions for creating wallets and launching the program of charges will be created.

Given the large percentage of participation of a fiat investor in our project, we will develop the simplicity of deposit processing and plan to create in our own web wallet the possibility of placing a deposit by simply pressing a button from the options offered. A little later, we plan to create a mobile wallet with the same functions.

We will also improve on-line monitoring of various information and the notification system for ease of use by investors of REOSC-Invest. Part of the information provided, we want to place directly into the working panel of personal wallets.

Our website will undergo significant changes. Using infographics (a schematic report of information) we more concisely and concisely reveal the essence of our project for the investor on the main page.

We will also pay enough attention to the promotion of the REOSC Ecosystem in the structure of cryptomir . We put a big stake in this issue on the consolidation of the crypto community of our project and the formation of a team of enthusiastic investors among it, for mutually beneficial project promotion. Such a team has already been created, it employs about 10-15 people who are engaged in self-promotion of the project through placing information about the REOSC Ecosystem on various crypto resources, communicating with video bloggers in various language zones, creating their own video, translating the site and news into English and much more. I remind you that we have created a forum to discuss development issues and invite those of you who have invested in the project or imbued with its ideas to take an active part in working on your investment in the provided sites. Our project develops in close relationship with the community and was originally created by a crypto entity with good goals!

We also plan to translate our site into languages other than English: these are Spanish and German. We have already translated the White Paper into Spanish and created a chat and a channel in a telegram in Spanish for the Spanish-speaking community. Our English-speaking team members also launch separate development programs for their audiences.

We applied for Coinmarketcap in February and received several comments on development. We took into account these comments and our growing indicators, project promotion and community growth, as well as more complete disclosure of information about the project should positively influence the fact of placing on this information resource. Therefore, we believe that the issue of placement and recognition is a matter of time! We will submit the following application for the CoinmarketCap in the middle of March.

We plan to increase our presence in social media networks in two languages: Russian and English. In the near future, we will open accounts for the project on instagram and facebook networks, as well as in the Russian analogue of facebook on the social network VK. Being a unique crypto-fiat ecosystem, we plan not only to talk about our project, but also to talk in principle about the possibilities and achievements of the blockchain industry, as well as the opportunities for profitable investment.

We also plan to launch a YouTube account in English and place there translations of all our videos posted in our Russian-language account, as well as the most interesting videos of the community about disclosing its essence. We plan to conduct a video blog by expanding it with general views on the development of the cryptoindustry and its prospects, as well as creating videos for beginners on the topics "how to buy bitcoin", "how to open a wallet", "how to make a deposit", etc.

Additionally, we have a strategy to expand the number of pools provided for the possibility of mining. This is an increase in project awareness and an increase in the number of investors and the market value!

We also plan to increase our presence in additional crypto forums and to develop the project through activity on them not only in the REOSC Ecosystem announcement branches, but also in general topics when considering various issues of the cryptoindustry. We plan to write articles on this topic, posting them on our website and, if possible, distributing to other resources. In our project, we have applied a lot of economic innovations and unique analytics, and over time our ideas will become widely spread throughout the entire crypto community! All this will positively affect the growth of investments in the REOSC Ecosystem.

Our service of direct purchases of coins REOSC has proved itself very well since the beginning of the year. We want to expand payment options and pay special attention to foreign payment systems.

To increase the share of ownership of the project team as a result of future investments, we plan to allocate funds to buy REOSC coins from the market. This will greatly support the course in the coming months!

Finally, we are considering the possibility of placing contextual advertising in Google and Yandex search engines on the possibility of investing. However, we think that it is more expedient to do this after the implementation of the main promotion programs for the near future!

Maksim Sadovnik,
Co-founder of the
REOSC Ecosystem